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Ardene needs care, so in the hours of light you can meet Daniela and Giovanni who take care of the garden or who cut and prepare wood for the fireplaces together with Alì, a young collaborator who helps us to welcome you and make you feel at home.Benedetta is the heart of the company, she works hard to guarantee the small company so much quality and because a sustainable farm absorbs so much time and dedication. When it is not on the farm you can find it in the vegetable garden or in the field or in the company's store less than ten kilometers away from the farm. In his absence, you can ask his collaborators for advice.

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Il pollice verde dell’azienda


Vi accoglie ad Ardene e si prende cura dei suoi spazi


Si prende cura dell’azienda


Il cuore dell’azienda

In Ardene we love animals, so with us your dogs and cats are allowed and welcome, because we know that you will respect other guests and supervise them. The exteriors are not fenced and you can walk with them in the surrounding countryside. We also gladly accept large dogs.If you meet the cats of Ardene stroke them as well: they are just coccoloni. They came to us a few years ago and loved Ardene so much that they decided to stay and live here.