Our Story

The agriturismo was born from the renovation of the ancient stone farmhouse, which was originally the main one in the Ardene valley, from which it takes its name. It has ancient origins, documented as far back as the medieval era, and its history is the reason for its distinctive layout.

When we started taking care of Ardene over thirty years ago, we carefully selected each plant in the park to respect its rich biodiversity. We wanted to share the true atmosphere of the Tuscan countryside with friends, and after many years, we decided to renovate the entire farmhouse to welcome our guests.


The environments in full respect of nature

On the sides of the farmhouse, there are six rooms and accommodations, the communal hall, the reception, the caretaker’s house, the small laundry room, the technical room, the cellar, and a small storage area
Each room has its independent entrance and features local terracotta flooring, furnished in Tuscan style with solid walnut and chestnut wood furniture, traditional pieces, as well as original elements that we reimagined and redesigned to highlight the fixtures and objects of Tuscan farming tradition. The stone fireplaces are unique pieces, designed and crafted around each trunk of centuries-old juniper worked by the wind to enhance its shape. They provide a warm and harmonious touch even in the coldest season. The chandeliers are also handmade, created by master glassmakers from Murano and local artisans because we support craftsmanship. We also took care of the bathrooms, which are places of intimacy, and we created them with handcrafted covering materials, with a shower or a whirlpool tub, and terracotta flooring because we know that our guests will take care of Ardene as much as we do.


The ancient park and the garden where biodiversity reigns

We personally chose each tree in Ardene and carefully sowed and planted it in the best spot. If you look out from the walls of the historic center of Montepulciano towards the valley, you will recognize the Ardene farmhouse among all because it is surrounded by olive trees, cypresses, plum trees, and the ancient park on its natural slope where biodiversity reigns. We have enhanced the natural elevations of the terrain by cultivating typical plants of the Tuscan countryside, aromatic plants, and over two thousand rose plants.


The pool integrated into the landscape

We care about the environment, so we designed the pool in the lower part, with specific materials, shape, and color that naturally blend it into the landscape and offer you the opportunity to relax under the Tuscan sun in harmony with nature and the surrounding panorama. We only add chlorine to the compensation tank and not the main pool to minimize the impact of the product on the skin.