The Farm

Ours is a small family-owned agricultural company that produces in respect and sustainability of the environment and local tradition. We produce vegetables, oil, jams, and cured meats.

The Farm

We care about the Planet

In the cultivation of fruits and vegetables, we do not use pesticides or chemical fertilizers, and we respect the seasonal cycle of the crops. The olives are handpicked, and the oil is strictly cold-pressed. In our small livestock farming, we ensure the respect of the animals by providing them with necessary spaces and exclusively feeding them with quality plant-based feed.

The Farm

Clean energy and animals

The agricultural shed and the photovoltaic panels, which generate clean energy for the farm, serve as a workplace, and we always ask our guests to respect them. However, we have made the chicken coop easily accessible because we enjoy allowing you to interact with our animals and make them feel loved. On some days, you may encounter geese and chickens wandering around the park; they will keep you company and make the eggs you have for breakfast taste even better.

The farm

Products at km 0

We only produce, harvest, and transform good things that are also beneficial for the environment, and we love to share them with you during breakfast, as well as through tastings and at the farm’s sales point, located less than ten kilometers away from the agriturismo. Here, you will find seasonal vegetables and produce, jams made only with fresh fruit and Montepulciano Mascina plums without sugar, Aglione from Valdichiana already prepared as a sauce, extra virgin olive oil, short-chain cured meats and cheeses, and many other delicacies from this region.

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