Agriturismo Ardene


Suite The Little Mermaid

The green and yellow, which evoke the beginning of Autumn season, are the main colours of this living room. One after the other they vanish in the warm and beautiful fireplace. Love emits the passion of colours, the yellow and green of the kitchen evoke the protagonist of the story. Somebody describes the three steps which connect living room and bedroom like the three phases of the life: childhood, youth and old age. The arch allows to enter and lie in the nest of security, relax and love. An artistic arrangement of flowers, cut in Val d’Orcia and covered by dried resin, lights the room while the yellow almost orange-salmon pink colour of the walls reminds us of the fields of wheat amid the clay hills. The pale mosaic of the bathroom, set in the wall among little pink stones from Assisi, gives the idea of the unforgettable, unique, short moments of happiness in our life. The appliqué is a blown glazed flower from Murano.