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Masters of Florence - I Medici

During the autumn/winter of 2015 Montepulciano was chosen as a set for the TV drama I Medici - "Masters of Florence". The town hall of Montepulciano recalls in form and style the Palazzo della Signoria in Florence. Have been chosen as a location other beauties of our territory, some examples are the Horti leonini in San Quirico d'Orcia, Piazza Pio II in Pienza, the hot springs of Bagno Vignoni.  
With a cast of the highest order consists of first-order actors like the Oscar-winning Dustin Hoffman, the star of Games of Thrones Richard Madden,, Stuart Martin, Annabel Scholey, Guido Caprino, Alessandro Sperduti, Ken Bones, Lex Shrapnel, Daniel Caltagirone, Valentina Bellè, Alessandro Preziosi, Eugenio Franceschini, Sarah Felberbaum, Miriam Leone, Michael Shields, Tatjana Nardone, Valentina Cervi, Brian Cox; It has established itself as one of the revelation of the series both in Italy and abroad, causing the manufacturer could sell in some countries even before the official launch.

In 1390 Montepulciano allied himself firmly with Florence, which was anxious to have a strategic stronghold south of Siena. Since the beginning of the fifteenth century to the mid-sixteenth century, Montepulciano had its golden age, marked by political stability, cultural prestige, flowering artistica.Il XV century was the era of the humanist Bartolomeo Aragazzi, apostolic secretary to Pope Martino V and the great poet Angelo Poliziano.Angelo Ambrogini (known as Poliziano from the Latin name of Montepulciano Mons Politianus) of wealthy family, he lost his father and economic difficulties of the mother, at the age of fifteen he was welcomed by some relatives in Florence. There he was able to complete his studies and, thanks to the brilliant intelligence, yet a boy was able to translate the Iliad from greek to latin. It was well noticed by Lorenzo the Magnificent, a great patron and intellectual who was instrumental in the history of Florence. The Magnificent granted him access to the Medici Library and chose him as tutor to his son Piero. In 1475 Poliziano took up residence permanently in Palazzo Medici and subsequently became the personal secretary of Lorenzo and participating in honor of merit to Circles Intellectuals Humanities which gave start to the Renaissance. The image of Poliziano is recognizable in many paintings on the side of the Medici family members. Poliziano is remembered for being the author of beautiful ballads in praise of love and lightheartedness.

 I' mi trovai, fanciulle, un bel mattino
di mezzo maggio in un verde giardino...

 Costei per certo è la più bella cosa
che ‘n tutto 'l mondo mai vedesse 'l sole...

He was the author of  'Stanze per la giostra' , the poem written in honor of the victory of Giuliano de' Medici, brother of Lorenzo, the tournament set up in Piazza Santa Croce in Florence in 1475. On that occasion, Giuliano fell in love with the beautiful Simonetta Cattaneo, the muse of Botticelli. She's the woman coming out of the water depicted as the goddess Venus. The poem then remained incomplete for the death of Julian, who was treacherously murdered in the Pazzi Conspiracy of 1478.
Poliziano died, probably poisoned, in 1494, two years after the death of Lorenzo the Magnificent. In honor of the friendship that the poet had toward his father, Pope Leone X Medici, in 1545, it financed the construction of the Temple of San Biagio in Montepulciano, Renaissance jewel designed by Antonio da Sangallo il Vecchio.

The birthplace of Poliziano in Montepulciano is located along the Corso, near the Porta delle Farine, near the end of the climb that leads to the church of Santa Maria dei Servi. The building was probably rebuilt during the sixteenth century.